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Cash vs. Financed Sales

While cash sales are always welcome, we also offer financing on most motor vehicles that we have for sale on our lot.  Our terms and conditions are rather simple and most of all, fair.

When visiting the "inventory" page, the prices you see are the retail prices for the vehicle if it is financed. As a general rule, if we finance part of the purchase price, the retail price will be as stated on that page and it will be non-negotiable. 

 If you are looking to pay cash for a vehicle, we will absolutely negotiate the price. You are always welcome to make a cash offer on any vehicle for sale. We do retain the right to decline to accept such offers.

Trading-in A Vehicle

We do accept trade-in vehicles to offset the cash or financed price of any vehicle we have for sale. All trade-ins are subject to inspection and approval of the vehicle and title. As a general rule, we will only accept trade-ins of vehicles with little to no mechanical or cosmetic issues. We invite you to present your trade-in to us for evaluation and approval.

Please understand that we will not accept any vehicle with a salvage title, notations of any kind on a title, titles that have not been transferred to the person trading it in,  or any vehicle verified to have an active title on record for the vehicle, even if that vehicle was made prior to 1986.

Trade-In Vehicle Title Requirements

All motor vehicles accepted for trade-in must have a valid, lien-free title, but may contain a lien that has previously been signed off as having been released. The person whose name appears as the owner of the vehicle must be present at the time it is traded-in and the title must be signed over to us on our premises.

No vehicles with "open" titles will be accepted under any circumstance. In other words, there will be no third-party exchanges of any titled motor vehicle through our dealership.

No vehicles will be accepted that have titles issued to them with any notations anywhere on them indicating that the vehicle has been "Salvaged," "Rebuilt," experienced "Water Damage," "Theft Recovery," "Frame Damage," or that an "Air-bag Has Been Deployed"or any other notation indicating a title noted damage claim on the vehicle.

In other words, only clean titled vehicles will be considered for trade-in.

Down Payment Calculation

If we finance a vehicle, the required down payment amount is calculated;

Georgia Residents:

 One-third of the retail price of the vehicle - $833 - $2166 (Cash Or Trade)

 Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT) - 7.00% of the fair market value

Title and tag fees - $38.00

ELT fee - $6.00

Dealer Service Fee - $20.00


Tennessee Residents:

One-third of the retail price of the vehicle - $833 - $2166 (Cash Or Trade)

Tennessee Sales Tax - 7% of the purchase price + $80.00 county and local taxes

​If living in Hamilton County: $1.00

Title and tag fees - $36.00

Dealer Service Fee - $20.00

Finance Rates

As required under Georgia law, and because we currently only sell vehicles that are more than two years old, our finance rates is set at 16% APR.

Payment Amounts

After meeting the down payment requirement and our credit standards, we offer three payment options. In most cases, you may elect to pay $50.00 a week, $100.00 every two weeks. If your source of income is of a monthly nature, we will then allow a customer to pay us $200.00 per month. These payment amounts apply to all vehicles and to all customers who finance any of our vehicles.

Late Charges

We will alow you a generous grace period of seven (7) days past your due date, if and only if you call us in advance of the due date to let us know that you are going to be late with any payment. On the eighth day, you will be charged a 5% late payment fee and late charges will acrue at a rate of 5% for every payment in which you are late.

If no call has been placed to us, notifying and requesting a little extra time to make your payment, we reserve the right to immediately assess a late fee to your account. We now have an answering machine for after hours calls, so there will be no excuse for not contacting us to keep us informed.

Partial payment balances will be pro-rated if the balance is not paid within 7 days. (i.e. $40.00 of a $50.00 payment is paid, but the $10.00 balance is not paid until 9 days after it was due. $10.00 is 20% of what was due. 5% X $10.00 = .50 cents)

Contact Information Must Be Current

Creditors and lienholders of mortgaged property, including motor vehicles, are entitled by laws in all states to have on file accurate information as to where mortgaged motor vehicles are garaged. Accurate contact information is also required to be given to lienholders at any time a change is made to your residential address or phone number.

Friendly Village Motors has instituted a simple policy due to a growing problem. At any time that your account is in default, if we are unable to successfully contact you for a period of seven (7) days, and depending on your payment history, a repossession order may be issued to protect our interests.

If, after we issue a repossession order and it is delivered to the firm that we employ to recover vehicles for us, and that process is canceled because you came in and paid before the vehicle was siezed, a minimum charge of $75.00 will be assessed your account. In any event, you will be charged what we are charged to cancel the repossession.

If the vehicle is seized before you come in and pay, your entire account plus late charges plus a $200.00 repossession fee must be paid in order for you to reclaim your vehicle.

All the above can be avoided by simply contacting us immediately if you know that you are going to be late with any payment and by updating us immediately if your address or phone number changes.


We do not like repossessing vehicles we've sold, but we are not in the business of giving away motor vehicles. Communication is of the essence at all times. If you find yourself in a bind, keep in touch with us to let us know that you are experiencing difficulties. That's all we ask. We will work with you, so long as it is a temporary situation.

If you fail to contact us to work out payment arrangements for a period of fourteen (14) days beyond your due date, and if we are unable to contact you for any reason, we will exercise our right to repossess the vehicle.

If we are forced to repossess any vehicle, we may hold it for 10 days after the date of repossession, allowing you a chance to reclaim the vehicle. In order to reclaim your vehicle, the entire balance due at the time of repossession, any and all accrued late charges, and a repossession fee of $200.00, must be paid before the vehicle and title will be released to you.

If you do not intend to reclaim the vehicle, you are entitled to retrieve any property inside the vehicle AT OUR CONVENIENCE. Please call us to make arrangements for us to witness any personal property retrieval.

Documentation You Will Be Required To Sign

All sales, cash or financed, involve legally required documentation to be signed by both the dealer and the buyer at the time of purchase. The date of sale will be recorded, as is required by law, on all paperwork, including the motor vehicle title. No vehicle will be sold with an open title from our dealership.

Below are the lists of required documents that will be prepared at the time of sale and that will require your signature on them, in order to complete the sale.

Financed Sales:

When you purchase a vehicle from us and if we finance it, you will be required to sign:

  • Vehicle Title Documents
  • Credit Application
  • Bill of Sale
  • Motor vehicle registration form
  • Finance Contract
  • Title Application - Georgia Residents
  • Power of Attorney
  • Right of Repossession Agreement
  • Privacy Disclosure
  • As-Is Declaration
  • Odometer Statement
  • Title, Tag, and Temporary Tag Fee Disclosure Document
  • Insurance Agreement
  • Financed Customer Policy Statement
  • Cell Phone Contact Agreement
  • Other forms As may be required

Cash Sales:

If you pay cash for your purchased vehicle, you will only be required to sign;

  • Vehicle Title Documents
  • Bill of Sale
  • Title Application - Georgia Residents
  • Power of Attorney - (If applicable)
  • As-Is Declaration
  • Privacy Disclosure
  • Odometer Statement
  • Title, Tag, and Temporary Tag Fee Disclosure Document - (If applicable)

Proof Of I.D. Required

We are required by law to make a copy of your driver's license at the time of purchase of any motor vehicle. You must have a valid driver's license issued to you in the state in which you reside in order to register a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, it is against the law for us to sell a motor vehicle to an unlicensed driver.

We collect your name, address, and Social Security number, as we are required to check to verify if any potential customer appears on the United States Treasury's list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons.

New For Georgia Residents Effective 2014:

Georgia law has been changed to reflect the following; If co-ownership of an automobile is desired by Georgia residents, both owners are required to have valid Georgia driver's licenses. Single licensee's will no longer be accepted by the State of Georgia when titling a motor vehicle.

Georgia Sales Tax - TAVT - Georgia Residents

Georgia no longer assesses sales and annual ad-valorem taxes on motor vehicles purchased after January 1, 2013. This is the good news.

Whenever a motor vehicle changes ownership and the new owner or a dealer presents the title to any of the local tag offices, a one-time TAVT is assessed. The TAVT applies to all motor vehicle titles newer than 1985, or as may be required by law, when submitted to Georgia for transfer of ownership of the motor vehicle. The TAVT must be paid before a license plate will be issued for the vehicle.

Vehicles between 1963 - 1985 are not required to be titled, and are therefore not required to be assessed TAVT, however, if you desire to have a vehicle titled in your name that is between 1963 - 1985, a one-percent (1%) TAVT is assessed on those vehicles.

From the date of purchase, the new owner or the dealer will have 30 days to submit the title to the county tag office in which the new owner resides, to pay the applicable TAVT, and to register the vehicle.

If you trade-in a motor vehicle to a new or used car dealer, the amount allowed for the traded-in vehicle toward the price of the purchased vehicle, will be deducted from the fair market value of the vehicle you purchased and the TAVT will be calculated on that difference.

If you trade vehicles with a private party, there is no trade-in allowance offered. The full amount of the TAVT must be paid in a private party exchange.

Keep in mind that the current title transfer fee of $18.00 and the tag fee of $20.00 still applies to all vehicles and must be paid in addition to the TAVT when you transfer the title.

The fair market value of the motor vehicle will be determined most often according to the Georgia Department of Revenue motor vehicle valuation manualused by every Georgia county tag office. In rare circumstances, a motor vehicle will not be found in the GDRMVM, and in that case, the fair market value will be determined by either, (1) the value listed on the bill of sale or (2) the value listed as the clean retail price in the NADA used car market guide as designated by the Revenue Commissioner, whichever is higher of the two.

The State of Georgia provides an easy to use TAVT calculator that you can use to determine the exact amount of TAVT you will owe on your vehicle. You will need to know the 16-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your vehicle to complete the task of calculating the TAVT that will be owed when you present your title for transfer.

Don't forget to add $38.00 to the amount of the TAVT, which represents the amount of the title transfer fee and license plate fee that will also have to be paid. If you have a valid and current Georgia license plate that can be transferred to your new vehicle, the fees will be reduced by $15.00. In that case, add $23.00 to the TAVT to arrive at the total amount you will have to pay.

There are exemptions from the TAVT for military veterans who are eligible for Purple Heart tags, and residents who have just moved into the State of Georgia are allowed to pay 50% of the TAVT owed when registering their motor vehicles for the first time in Georgia, with the remaing 50% due within one year.

Georgia offers a FAQ on the new TAVT.

Under the new tax system, yearly tag renewals will only cost $20.00, for all vehicles.

Avoiding the tax will be impossible, and failing to pay the TAVT within 30 days following the purchase of a motor vehicle required to be retitled to a new owner will result in some rather stiff penalties. When the owner is 31 days to 59 days late, a 20% (twenty percent)penalty of the TAVT due will be added to the bill. If one is 60 days or later in submitting a title required to be transferred to a new owner, a 25% (twenty-five percent) penalty, per month, of the TAVT owed is assessed. A 1% interest fine, per month, will also be added.

So some planning will be in order to assure that you can afford to pay the TAVT.

On all vehicles that we sell, Friendly Village Motors will be collecting the TAVT up-front when you purchase the vehicle. We will forward the tax and all other related fees to the State of Georgia, titling and registering your vehicle for the first time. We will call you when your tag is ready for pickup in our office.

As a general rule, we do not offer any financing for the TAVT or other fees paid to the State of Georgia.

Tennessee Residents:

Tennessee State sales tax paid on any vehicles purchased from a licensed dealer or from a private individual in any state is due and payable when registering the vehicle. State sales tax is calculated by multiplying 7% (.07) by the purchase price. For purchases in excess of $1,600, an additional State Tax of 2.75% (.0275) is added up to a maximum of $44. Local sales tax is 2.25% (.0225) and is capped at $36.00. A local fee in Hamilton County of $1.00 is assessed all vehicles at the time they are registered.

If you pay cash for your vehicle, we will provide to you the signed and dated title on the date of sale and you will be responsible for transferring the title and registering your motor vehicle and for the payment of the required sales taxes. 

If the vehicle is financed with us, we will collect from you the applicable Tennessee and County sales taxes and fees. We will title and register your motor vehicle for. Your license plate will made available to you by us at our office within 30 days after you purchase the vehicle.

We do not offer financing of any sales taxes or fees owed to the State of Tennessee.

License Plates

Georgia Residents:

Friendly Village Motors now utilizes the New Georgia ELT system to record liens on motor vehicles. When you pay off your vehicle, the title will be mailed to you from Atlanta, free from any lien notations whatsoever.

We will attempt once and only once to register your vehicle. If you fail to have insurance put on the vehicle, we will transfer the title and the tag will then become your responsibility. This can be avoided by you bringing to our office, a binder policy from your insurance agent that we can copy.

Temporary Tags

The temporary tag that we will be issuing you on the date of purchase will expire 45 days after the purchase of your vehicle and no other temporary tags may be issued for the vehicle, except in very rare circumstances. We will have your permanent plate to you before the expiration of your temporary tag.

Tennessee Residents:

Title transfer and registration fees are $36.00 plus the applicable sales taxes due.

Residents of Tennessee will also be issued a Georgia temporary tag that will be legal in Tennessee for a period of 30 days. There are no circumstances whatsoever that allow another temporary tag to be issued to vehicles purchased from a Georgia dealership that are required to be registered in Tennessee. It is the customer's responsbility to pick up the permanent license plate at our office prior to the expiration of the temporary tag.

Insurance Requirements

Due to issues that have arisen recently, Friendly Village Motors now requires those who purchase vehicles from us, and who finance them through us, to insure your vehicle for instances of fire, theft, and collision, with no limits on the deductible amount you choose.

You will be required to notify your insurance agent to add us as a loss payee on your policy as a lienholder and a to have a copy of an endorsement mailed to us.

You will be required to keep in force, such coverage for the life of your loan. You will be required to sign in agreement with this policy. In the event that you allow such coverage to lapse, we retain the right, under applicable law, to insure the vehicle ourselves and add the premium plus finance charges to the balance that you owe us.

We understand that this represents an added financial burden to you, but it is for your protection as well as ours. If you have an accident that may be your fault, if the vehicle catches fire, and the vehicle is totaled, or if your car is stolen and you still owe several thousand dollars on it, most people will default on what they owe out of necessity. Insurance is cheap compared to the cost of replacing a car that is no longer drivable.

Disclaimer: We strive at all times to provide the most recent, up-to-date information regarding our terms and conditions on our website. We reserve the right to make changes at any time to any or all of our terms and conditions, in order for us to be able to comply with any and all applicabl e Federal or State Laws, or to protect our business interests. Any customer who makes a purchase from our dealership is notified at the time of each sale, to each and every one of our terms and conditions. Thus, we will not be held reponsible for ommisions or errors to content found on this website.